BC Sports

“We are committed to our clients from the day they become a part of our firm, throughout their careers as professional athletes, and for many years thereafter. As part of our commitment to the player and his family, we perform a myriad of services on a very personal and one-on-one basis.”

Contract Negotiations

The ability to successfully negotiate an NFL contract is the most important duty an agent has to his client.  We have negotiated well over $1,000,000,000 in contracts for our clients over the years including:

The NFL’s first $100,000,000 contract that was negotiated for Brett Favre.
Calvin Johnson’s mega-deal with the Detroit Lions that at the time of signing was the largest contract in the history of the NFL, totaling $132,000,000 with over $50,000,000 guaranteed.
Cam Newton’s contract that approached $120,000,000 in total value and paid him almost $70,000,000 in the first three years.
Jadeveon Clowney’s rookie contract that fully guaranteed him over $22,000,000 at the time of signing.


NFL Draft Preparation and Elevation

Our main objective is to improve our client’s draft position through superior performances during the NFL Combine and their school’s Pro Days.  Our trainers and coaches replicate the tests, interviews, and position-specific drills that players will face during the pre-draft phase.  The goal is to be prepared to master the tests when it counts and to leave a long-lasting positive impression on the NFL teams.  Our athletes consistently outperform the competition by staying focused, and remaining cool, calm and collected with the confidence that comes from knowing they have trained and left no stone unturned as far as the preparation process goes.  The essence of playing football is rising to the occasion.



Marketing and Endorsements

We represent some of the most sought-after pitchmen in the advertising world today. Through planning and effort we make sure our clients’ on- the-field playing success translates into off-the-field financial success.

We are committed to maximizing our client’s off-the-field earning potential.  We maintain an aggressive, yet long-term approach to endorsement acquisition.  In addition to proactively prospecting for opportunities for our clients using our vast array of contacts that we have established over the years, we also work diligently to create opportunities where none yet exist.  Over the years we have been fortunate to represent some of the most popular pitchmen in professional sports.



Giving Back

We encourage all of our clients to give back to their communities and to be positive role models. Professional athletes will have an opportunity to impact literally thousands, if not millions , of lives.

To help those less fortunate as well as maintaining a positive public image, we encourage all of our clients to give back to the community in some way.  With a great deal of time, resources and effort, B.C. Sports has set up foundations, personal appearances, dinners, football camps, golf tournaments, relief drives, etc. for our clients that have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for many worthwhile causes.


Life Outside Of Football

Proper planning for life outside of sports is crucial. We counsel our clients on estate planning, insurance evaluation, and preparing for life after sports, all critical elements families need to plan for.

Planning for life outside of football for our clients begins immediately.  Insurance evaluation, financial and estate planning, and proper tax preparation are crucial elements in ensuring our client’s business is taken care of off the field.  When our client’s playing days are over, our goal is for them to work because they WANT to, not because they HAVE to.